What to expect


What to Expect On and After The Treatment

On The Treatment:

Conductive gel will be applied to skin. The handpiece will then be used to deliver energy beneath the skin. Some patients may feel the energy at this point. The physician will work with you to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Treatments takes around 30 to 60 minutes. Some patients report a mild prickling heat under the skin. Anesthetics will be used to ensure patient comfort as tolerance levels vary, but treatment isn’t unbearably painful.

After The Treatment:

There is no downtime required ,you can get right back to your day. You might see slight redness or swelling after treatment, and might feel some tingling. These will disappear within hours.

Collagen production will kick off after one session, with results appearing over the following months. Your skin will be younger-looking, stronger and healthier, without any unnatural, drastic changes.

While the results will not be as dramatic as with surgical facelifts, Medgene DUOS skin rejuvenating treatment is clinically proven to be safe, with natural and gradual tightening effects.